Announcing The Retirement of Bishop Gooden & Sister Gooden

After 40 years of faithful service Bishop Dr Norman and Sister Gooden are retiring from Pastoral Leadership.  Over that period, Bishop and Sister Gooden was sent out as Youth Leaders from the Willesden NTCG, to serve the Hitchin district of churches as Youth Director, an office he held for 14 years.  Thereafter, Bishop Gooden was appointed to the Milton Keynes Mission, followed by Peterborough and then Leicester District of churches. 

In the last 11 years, Bishop Gooden has served the West Croydon District as District Overseer and locally as senior Pastor of the West Croydon church.  During that time, he has seen the district expand from 4 to 6 churches.    

 Nationally, Bishop Gooden served on the National Executive Council (NEC) on 4 separate occasions and was formerly the Chair of the National Education Board, and National Mission’s Board.  He also served as National Choir Coordinator & Worship Leader for NTCG. Currently, he is serving as Chairman of the National Ministerial Examination Board. 

Bishop and Sis Gooden have earned a well-deserved rest. They retire with the love, support and well wishes of their local church and district.  In their retirement, Bishop and Sis Gooden are looking forward to spending more time with family and pursuing personal projects. 

Bishop Claion Grandison has been appointed as the new District Overseer and local senior pastor.  Bishop Grandison is currently pastoring the Chrisma church in Woolwich and will take up his new role with wife Sonia Grandison in January. We congratulate Bishop and Sonia Grandison on their new appointment. 

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