NTCG West Croydon Care Fund – The Scheme

What is the fund for?

This ‘Care Fund’ is designed to help our members and adherents with basic welfare needs that could include food, medicines, transportation costs, utility tokens, mobile phone credit and other basic necessities during but not exclusive to the COVID–19 pandemic. The Care Fund has been established and approved by NTCG West Croydon  Leadership team. As such, it is an approved model for designated giving and is intended to be a temporary help during a time of financial hardship. Its expenses consist of funds disbursed for the stated and intended purposes at the direction of the Care Fund Panel. The Care Fund supersedes the Benevolent Fund.

Who is the target group?

Our main target audience may comprise those, who have for various reasons, are experiencing extreme financial hardship and, have little or no recourse to public funds. Those applying must be  members or adherents (regular attendees who are not members) of NTCG West Croydon , who have attended our fellowship for a minimum of 6 – 12 months consistently. However, the Panel will consider the merits of each case.

What are the eligibility criteria?

· This Fund is discretionary and any award will be limited to one per household.

· Members or adherents would need to have attended the fellowship for a minimum of 6-12 months before applying.

· Those requesting help must be willing to give the Panel permission to follow up any of the information provided.


The Care Fund Panel is not able to consider applications for assistance with:

a) Weddings

b) International travel

c) Furniture or equipment purchase

d) Paying off credit cards

e) Penalties related to late payments e.g. parking penalties

f) Loan payments or anything that is deemed to be outside of the stated aims of the Care Fund.

How many times can you apply to the fund?

Any applications made to the Care Fund will be considered against the various awards under Categories of Awards. This will be a ‘one off’ award. Generally assistance from the Care Fund will not exceed £500 per person or family.

Categories of Awards
Amount of Award
£260 – £500
£150 – £250
£50 – £140

Designating funds

Those requesting assistance may where applicable be referred to receive additional advice or support. Where Supermarket vouchers are considered these could be used to shop online for food items and where other necessities need to be considered this may be disbursed by bank transfer or cash. We may follow up on the information provided in your application if we require additional details. We will always seek to highlight other sources of support and signpost people to other help that may be available.


We will ask you for evidence to support your application. All applicants will be required to provide proof of the loss of their job, and/or income and outgoings. An email or letter will be required from their employer or proof of not receiving Universal Credit for all applications relating to COVID-19.

Where and how do you submit your application?

Applicants should complete an online application or hard copy. Applicants will be informed if their application is successful within two weeks.  Supporting evidence provided with your application will be treated with the strictest confidence and will be administered in line with GDPR protocols. 

How will the award be disbursed?

The Care Fund Panel will inform you of their decision by email or post. If you are successful, the Panel will let you know how your award will be made and what to do next.

Care Fund Panel

Each application will be reviewed by a panel that consists of NTCG West Croydon members and leadership liaison. All decisions regarding applications to the Fund are at the Trustee’s discretion. If applicants are receiving any other means of financial support the Care Fund panel members will consider this in making their allocation. The Panel will be observant of GDPR requirements and be sensitive to confidential issues.

How to Donate

The ‘Fund’ relies on donations from members and friends of NTCG West Croydon . As a result the total amount contained in the Fund will vary and will be limited. Donors can contribute to the Fund at any time, NTCG West Croydon  Trustees has full control of administrating its Care Fund. Donations can be made payable to ‘NatWest Community Account’ all funds will be placed in the West Croydon Care Fund.

Application Form

Please download the application form below. It can be filled in electronically on your mobile device or computer or printed out.

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