Bishop Claion & Sis Sonia Grandison

Bishop Grandison was born in Kensal Green, North West London; he is an ordained Bishop and Senior Pastor at the New Testament Church of God, West Croydon along with his wife Sonia.

Pastor Grandison up until December 2020 was Senior pastor at Chrisma Christian Centre NTCG for 17 years and prior to that served as Regional Youth Director in the British Virgin Islands where he saw The Holy Spirit’s power at work in both ministries bringing healing to God’s people and the membership growing numerically and spiritually.

Sonia Grandison was born is Aldershot Hampshire and is daughter of Bishop UL and Mrs J Simpson former pastors Lee NTCG. Before marrying Claion she was a member of the renowned NEW T Choir. She has served as local women’s discipleship ministry director, worship leader and national WDM board member alongside Mrs J Bolt.

Both Bishop and Sis Sonia have had successful careers in commercial and corporate banking. Sis Sonia has since pursued a career as a legal Secretary with Sackers and Partners which she enjoys very much.

Bishop Grandison has a passion for engaging in community outreach particularly with the homeless and vulnerable families, an area in which he experienced huge success in his previous pastorate. He also has a heart to raise up likeminded leaders through the Mentor Leadership Programme (MLP) a 7 month course which he hopes to continue in West Croydon.

Bishop Grandison served as a member of the National Executive Council of the New Testament Church of God for 8 years up until 2019; he holds a BA in Theology from Spurgeon’s College.

Sonia and Claion have two children who are both baptised and committed Christians. Samara is 20 and Zephan is 16.

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